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“Nam Long Shipping and Chartering Co., Ltd” has been striving itself to be one of the leading international ocean transportation Companies in Viet Nam, and enjoys a significant position in the worldwide Chartering and Broking of vessels and cargoes.  
NamLongShip is a diversified shipping and chartering company established based on a combination of elite Captains of years experienced in sea-trading and admiralty field.
Under theirs appears a professional and well-trained staff who graduated of honor degrees from Maritime University, Foreign Trading University and Foreign Language University.
In common with, we value and nurture long-term business relationships with our contractual partners providing first class and timely performance on each shipment.
As a result, Namlongship have progressively come into perfection and received whole-hearted patronage and friendly co-operation of all concerned parties. Now, we have right of self proud about our reliable reputation amongst shippers, ship-owners and forwarders domestics and overseas, same has been achieved by excellent performance, trust and honesty.
The Company is active not only in the worldwide Chartering and Broking of Ships, Dry Goods and Break Bulk Cargoes, but also In Sale and Purchase, Forwarding, Inland Transports and Shipping Agency. Since day establishing, our Company have securely freighted a number of cargoes up to hundred thousands tons which consists of import-export cargoes of Viet Nam, Mid-North-South China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Other Southeast Asia Countries.
We are specialized in the freighting cargoes in sizes from 2,000 - 25,000 mts (occasionally larger) and in commodities including Steel, Coal, Animal feed, Fertiliser, Sugar, Grain, Agri - Products, Scrap, Coal, Equipments and Project Cargoes and others. Besides, we have paid considerable attention to marketing activities to domestic and foreign ship-owners and offered them with best competitive and qualified Shipping Agency Services at Vietnam ports.
“NamLong Shipping & Chartering Co., Ltd.” has its head office in Ho Chi Minh City where located one of the intensive stature deep-water sea ports region and worldwide and possesses a net of branches and offices covering all main ports of Vietnam including  Quy Nhon, Da Nang and Hai Phong, especially is the representative office in Tokyo, Japan.
Long-term contacts with prestigious shippers, international charterers and broker companies, close contacts with numerous shipping companies, profuse source of cargoes and means of transportation allow us confidently to feel self in the regional charter market.
We deal with all the ship owners in south Asia and fix the shortest voyage to long period time charters or Contract of Affreightments.Currently our major focus market is on Southest Asia, South – Mid - North China , Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan, fareast under Russia  though we are continuously expanding into other potential markets like India, Australia and Africa Beasides, we always nuture, consolidate and establish long-term relationship with partners, providing best qualified services, preventing in advance, minimize risks (if happens) concerning ships and cargoes to lowest, solving and coordinating solving any dispute arising, changing information, summing up experience, consulting clients before and during his/her signing Charter Parties and during executing each single shipment.

“Prestige – Quality – Efficiency” NAMLONGSHIP has becoming a familiar trademark and trusted  address to many Shippers, Shipowners in and out the country.
With clear objectives:
1/ Providing all shippers in need of sea-transporting new and modern vessels managed and operated by well-trained crews following international standards with best qualified services and competitive ocean freight.
2/ Providing all ship-owners:
+ Appropriate and stable source of cargoes, itinerary and logical turn-around time with best compatible freight
+ Precise information and legal consulting on relating issues
+ Shipping Agency of best qualified services and competitive price, ensuring giving quick dispatch to vessels with the view of minimize ship-owners’ expenses.
3/ Maintaining and upholding good traditional relationships with all clients and partners on the spirit of Assisting – Co-operating - and Mutual Developing, and all time willing to open new business account with the others of the revolved scopes; Satisfying in our best status every need of clients concerning Shipping, Chartering and Shipping Agency.
We commit ourselves to better our services against the time. Each division, each staff in the Company not only receives best support and making condition from board of management but also perfect themselves both in receiving and treating information as well as solving works in order to support and provide useful legal advices fully protecting customers’ benefit. It is the reason that we have enjoyed trust and fruitful cooperation from all relating sides.


Based on our objectives and principles above, Nam Long Shipping and Chartering Co., Ltd wishes to have full patronage and cooperation of our shippers, ship-owners, local and foreign for mutual benefits, the support and making condition of local port authorities, the changing information among other charterers and brokers. The comments and inquiries of the all our customers and all concerned parties are always the driving force for improvement and development of Nam Long Shipping and Chartering Co., Ltd.
Warm regards,
Capt.  Tran - Nam -  Hai / Director.

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Add: 17-199 Hoang Dieu Str., Ward 12, Dist.4, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.
Tel: (+84-8) - 3775 4060 / 3943 2049. Fax: (+84-8)-3775 4060
Website : www.namlongship.com
Biz Email: shipping@namlongship.com or chartering@namlongship.com & agent@namlongship.com & operation@namlongship.com & broking@namlongship.com & info@namlongship.com
Please contact :
Biz E-mail : quinhon@namlongship.com
MSN : namlongquinhon@hotmail.com (for biz chatting only)
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Biz Email : danang@namlongship.com
MSN : namlongdanang@hotmail.com (for biz chatting only)
Please contact Biz Email: haiphong@namlongship.com


Address: 4th Fl., 7B Bldg., Tran Hung Dao Str., Hong Bang Dist., Haiphong City , Viet nam.
Tel / Fax : (+84) - 31 - 3569 845 / 3569 315. E-mail : v-one@v-one.vn
Pic : Mr. DINH - TIEN - LOI / Mob :(+84) 913 226 323.

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