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Through our Shipping and Chartering Department we offer our clients a fully professional assistance in the shipping as well as the dry cargo sector.
Based on the necessary information concerns costs for the operation and dispatch of vessels, costs for handling of certain cargoes in the various ports of loading and discharging, port dues and charges associated with ship’s call, costs for canal passages, ship’s running costs, handling equipment and capacity for different commodities, availability of labors in the ports, our Shipping and Chartering Department has the maximum flexibility and competitiveness to penetrate national and international contract markets.
We also have the responsibility to utilize Owner’s vessels on most efficient and fruitful trade.
We are securing employment for vessels from the exclusive market by fixing full or part-cargoes on either a voyage-by-voyage basis or by long range contract agreements.
The cargoes we have freighted sofar verify from rice (Vietnam – Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa); Barite ores (Vietnam – Indonesia, Malaysia…); Coals (Haiphong, Cam Pha, Hon Gai - Taiwan); Mineral Ores such as : Ilmenite, Silicasand (Vitetnam – Japan, Taiwan, Korea); Equipments and Project Cargoes (Vietnam – other countries in the area); Steel coils (Philippines, Thailand – Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand); Tapioca chips (Vietnam, Philippines - China); Logs (Indonesia - Vietnam).
Long-term and continuing relationships established region wide with ship and cargo owners enables us to utilize our network to attain the highest quality transportation solutions dry cargoes ranging from a small part cargo up to handy size.
The main commodities shipped are, Agri-products (rice, PKE, Copra, Tapioca chips and starch of all kinds), Coal, Feeds, Steel, Fertilizers, Equipments and Project Cargoes and others.
The special areas of our worldwide experience include:
- Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, - Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, East Timor, Brunei)
- China Range (South - Mid - North)
- Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Far East.
- Australia, India, Mid East.
- Africa & Europe.
Extensive experience in all aspects of ocean transportation and operating in foreign markets enables our staff to identify the best procedures in the interest of our client's needs and to identify and alleviate problems before they occur.
In the near future, we have cargoes : Rice (exported from Vietnam, Thailand – Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mid East, Africa…); Equipments and Project Cargoes (exported from Vietnam to Singapore, Hong Kong); Coal (Vietnam - China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan) ; Mineral Ore (Vietnam - Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, India…) Tapioca chips 5,000 – 20,000mts (Vietnam, Thailand – China, Korea).
If you have vessels opening in Vietnam ports or others in the region, we will arrange you suitable cargoes.
If you have cargoes for delivery from Vietnam to countries in the region or vice-versa, we will provide you standard vessels.
                                       That is who we are and what we do. We would be delighted to hear from you

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